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america." the pakistani taliban tells the bbc a u.s. drone strike has killed its leader, one of the world's most wanted men. gunmen opening fire at los angeles national airport, killing a security agent and winning several others. and first moscow, now berlin, former american contractor edward snowden says he will help a u.s. -- a german investigation into u.s. surveillance programs. >> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. a high-ranking taliban official says the leader of the taliban and pakistan has been killed in a u.s. drone strike. the missiles are said to have targeted his house and his car in the north, as a meeting was underway. others, including his brother, are also reported to have died in the attack. richard galpin is following developments from islamabad. i spoke with him just a short time ago. richard, what has been the reactions to the death? >> certainly amongst politicians here in islamabad, particularly the opposition, there has been real dismay about what has happened. some of them describing it as a deliberate a
." >> this is bbc world news america. the u.s. agrees with afghanistan on language that would allow american troops to day past -- stay pass 2014. now they wait to see if the country's tribal elders will also sign on. >> we agreed on language that would be submitted, but they have to pass it. >> the next round of negotiations over iran's nuclear -- starts in geneva. trail, with the number of women at the top. >> for all our viewers in -- on public television in america and around the well. the united states and afghanistan agreed to the final talk -- security deal that would allow american troops to stay in the country after 2014. willkerry has revealed it now go before the grand council of afghan elders, the loya jirg a. not discussrry did details. >> we have agreed on language that would be submitted to the loya jirga, but they have to pass it. i think it is inappropriate for me to comment at all on any of the details. it is up to the people of afghanistan. >> john kerry there. for more on the agenda of that important meeting of afghan elders, this report from kabul. >> the delegates gathering fo
bases had visited ft. meade and using it as a blueprint to right same service. >>> all right. you can follow brian on twitter. there are details and some of the other stories. the twitter handle is at brian at abc2. >>> all right. shows up when your house is burning down or your cat is stuck in a tree. >> now fire trucks are being used as advertising space. >> why just look at a kid's face. there's facial recognition software, how a new invngs is making its rounds and how it will help engage with them. >> it looks like fall at baltimore's country club. crisp and sunshine. we'll talk about how things change. we'll be back. >>> this is neat. i'm a big fan of engine 11. forget billboards and pop-up ads, fire trucks are the way to go to advertise. >> they're trying to raise money, so they debuted a new look a truck that also doubles as a moving ad. one of the first advertisers is carroll home services. >> we just want to show our support for the community. it's a good opportunity for the community to see a that. >> 45% of the budget comes from the county. so right now the ad space is take
, which has helped to fuel revolutions and bring us the latest from lady gaga, saw it stocks soar. can they keep the momentum going? twitter takes flight on the new york stock exchange. top tweeters including patrick stewart taking part in the social media phenomenon. one of twitter's founders on the floor of the exchange. the share price soars. simple tool. yet, people have done so many amazing things with it. team has spent the last few weeks of playing to investors why a company which is yet to make a profit will be a great bed. 2006 with this tweet from one of the founders. than 230 million users ranging from the president celebrating election victory to celebrities like justin bieber telling his followers that of brazil has been incredible. twitter even treated the details of its own share sale but now it has to prove that it is serious business. decided that despite its lack of profits, twitter was worth around $81 billion. a much bigger and profitable social network, facebook, is worth nearly $117 billion. is valued at $160 billion. the u.s. continues to generate .uge web busine
what is going on around us. >> a lot goes on. >> people hide in the middle of people. in big cities, it is quite easy to hide that kind of situation. everyone is going on about their old business -- own business. >> cities keep secrets. tonight, one of london's darkest might have been exposed. >> people hide in the middle of people. in south london where the women were alleged to be held captive. there are so many questions we don't know. are you getting an indication of how these women were freed? >> we have a pretty good idea of what happened. on the workbc news of the freedom charity in relation to forced marriages was shown last month. he women apparently watched that. calledthem watched and wa the charity helpline. it opened up that discussion. later, it was possible for the police to a rescue -- to rescue those women and put them in a place of safety. we understand that they are deeply traumatized. old,f the women, 30 years the suggestion is that she has never lived in anything other than slavery. she was born into servitude. there is huge psychological damage that has certain
some of the powers of their embattled mayor. despite admissions of drug use, to ford resists all calls resign. ♪ >> welcome to our viewers on public television and in america, and around the globe. one week after typhoon haiyan struck the philippines, eight workers or stroll -- are still struggling to reach those affected. despite many countries coming together to help, efforts are hindered by a desperate shortage of vehicles. the official death toll is over 3.5 -- 3500 but the final figure may be much higher. jeremy cook has been to one school in tacloban were survivors are trying to survive in the aftermath. >> the water is warm, and the children are playing in peace. meters away is the reality. their homes are destroyed by the raging storm and giant waves that struck here a week ago. their young lives were changed forever. she was badly injured as she swam for her life. the gas in her head is infected and she lies in the filth of a ruined hospital as her parents wait for someone, anyone, to help. andis badly hurt, he says, she really needs to be transferred to a new hospital. they
the army attacked us, so we ran. many people lost their parents, like us. we kept looking for them, but we couldn't find them. they were lost. >> once in lebanon, a different kind of challenge to survive. many child refugees are working to support themselves and their families. it can be backbreaking, long hours. the child may be the families only breadwinner. >> i hope there will be peace so that i am able to go back to school. of a lostficials talk generation of syrian children. praise theto governments of the neighboring countries you have done everything to support the population. this city has more serious than lebanese. but the suffering is out of proportion with anything i have known. half of.n. says that all refugees are children. looking around this camp, it is not hard to believe. some 8000 refugees have been registered here in lebanon. ae whole country only has population of 4 million. that means one in four people in lebanon today is a syrian refugee. u.n. says the country has reached saturation point. officials call the 1.1 million refugees a shameful state. there is not enoug
with iran a chance and to hold off on new sanctions. >> if we're serious, there is no need for us to add new sanctions. >> and it is an art show like no other. photographers are using a hashtag to show atlanta in a new light. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. one week after the typhoon devastated the philippines, the eight is finally starting to arrive. the uss george washington has got to the area and it will triple the number of helicopters available to move supplies. there are still places which have quite literally been cut off by the storm. the firstm is guiuan, town hit from the storm. andrew harding sent us this report. >> this is where it all started. the very first encounter between storm and land. not much of a contest. which makes this the first ed,lage to be a raced -- eras and murray are among the first mothers to lose a child. she has come here before to visit the parents with -- the beach with her parents. >> he was so full of life. >> when the typhoon came in, his grandfather tried to save him. >> my father was hit by the water. and
to washington to speak with the u.s. about it. in a moment we'll hear from the white house but first our report. >> welcome home demonstrations at the international airport are never spontaneous. but iranian reformists want to believe that they extracted a deal that preserves their national dignity and leaves them less isolated and takes pressure off their pockets. most sanctions imposed against iran were hitting the economy. this leads to the release of some iranian assets. i think everything will get better. >> the foreign minister is using caution to sell the deal he made in geneva. on tv he used the same word as his western counts counter parts about the commitments reversible. in the u.s. president obama is also sounding cautious but there's a tantalizing chance an agreement on the program could become something much bigger. >> if iran seizes this opportunity and joins the community and we can chip away at the mistrust that existed between our nations. >> the americans have an uphill job selling the deal to their allies in the middle east. on the other side, s
president joe biden will raise concerns with beijing he visits china next week. today, the u.s. secretary of defense called his japanese counterpart to stress the japanese security agreement does include the set of disputed items in the south china sea. bombers flew over those islands on monday in defiance of chinese restrictions. it is still not clear how beijing will respond. the tension could even affect commercial planes that fly over the protected territory. >> we are tempting to determine about the civil aviation commercial air flight. in the meantime, u.s. air .arriers are being advised to >> i spoke earlier with a man who formerly served with the u.s. security council and is now vice president of the atlantic council. he joined me. x much for joining me. how concerned do you think they are in the white house about what happened with china this week? >> i think quite concerned. one of the most dangerous potential flashpoint in general in the world in 2013 and 2014 is, indeed, sort of a dispute over these islands, where rising nationalism in china and japan could lead to mistakes of
high, holding the promise of more violence. people won't fight us face-to-face. so they use suicide bombers. let them face us. we are ready for them. >> casting blame using the standard e-mail griffey here in shiite -- standard demonography here in shiite south beirut. there are a lot of rumors here. the most likely theory is it is something to do with syria. it is not the first time the civil war in syria has reached across the border to cause mayhem here. it is not the first time there has been an attack in shiite south beirut. on everyone knows an attack an iranian target is something different. the attack could be linked to this. syrian rebels are under pressure from a regime offensive. last supply routes into lebanon are close to being cut off. the refugees are fleeing over the border, coming from areas held by the rebels for two years. to accomplish this, the regime is getting help from iran and from its lebanese allies, hezbo llah. is it payback for what the iranians are doing in syria? >> it is a message. say, everyoneto is convinced that the solution in syria is a political
with the u.s. about it. we'll hear from the white house but first our report. >> welcome home demonstrations international airport are never spontaneous. iranian reformists want to extracted a they deal that preserves their and leaves them less isolated and takes pressure off their pockets. ost sanctions imposed against iran were hitting the economy. to the release of some iranian assets. get nk everything will better. >> the foreign minister is using deal he madell the in geneva. the same word as his western counts counter parts commitments, reversible. in the u.s. president obama is sounding cautious but here's a tantalizing chance an agreement on the program could become something much bigger. iran seizes this opportunity and joins the away nity and we can chip at the mistrust that existed between our nations. uphill mericans have an job selling the deal to their allies in the middle east. on the other side, saudi arabia they're misleading. iny're in their own cold war sire i can't, the saudi's back back thes and iranians regi regime. it could block any agreement iran that doesn't dismant
to be carrying supplies to coalition forces have been forced back in protest of u.s. drone attacks. >> nato supplies and troops in afghanistan, there is a reason that not a single truck has been allowed through your today. it has yet tried to break it up. >> police are standing by and watching the vigilantes in action. >> if they come to this point, we will stop the protesters. >> the government is saying it is not supporting you. >> they are not supporting us. >> the opposition has been -- mainly his supporters have been blocking the nato supply route. and baselessly killing civilians. the timing started after the death of the militant leader. accusing them of appeasement and worse. >> as we mentioned across the border in afghanistan, tensions are also rising with america after reaching an agreement on a security pact. afghan president karzai has decided to delay signing it and is adding new conditions. kabul, warning that a failure to sign this deal properly could lead to the pullout of all american troops by 2014. i discussed these rocky relations with the former american vassar to afgha
and learn from the past. i am doing.re you >> still no admission of the use of crack cocaine despite the fact the toronto police were conducting surveillance on its own mayor. tenuous relationship with the truth was becoming too apparent and today he decided to set the record straight. >> i have smoked crack cocaine. am i an addict? no. i tried it, probably about a year ago. wase have been times when i in a drunken stupor. that is why i want to see the tape. >> what started as comedy turn did sendand may yet into tragedy. rob ford appeared before the media once again fighting back tears, apologizing for his action that made no mention of resigning. >> i sincerely, sincerely, sincerely apologize. >> the mayor has yet to be charged with a crime and says he will be running for reelection next year. news,willis, bbc washington. >> rob portman says it was a difficult day for him. i think it was a difficult day for the people of toronto. rebels have admitted defeat. it ends a bloody this -- has killedthat thousands. revolutionary surrendered after congolese forces, backed by the united nat
. but some had chosen to stay. filipinos are well used to typhoons. they have had more than 20 this year, but none of them at this strength. and the country is still recovering from an earthquake last month that left hundreds dead and tens of thousands of people living in temporary shelter. today, those same people have to face a super typhoon. the leader has called for the country to come together. >> no storm can bring a united filipino people to its knees. stay my hope that we all safe in the coming days. parts of the central philippines are without power and phone lines are down, and after heavy rain there is a large risk of landslides. >> people across the philippines face a difficult night. the capital manila has avoided the damage, but agencies say that the damage could be unprecedented. one united nations official said hundreds of thousands of homes could have been damaged or destroyed. many families here have lost everything but it may be days before we know the full extent of the damage and the number of lives that were lost. john donaldson, bbc news, manila. on the damage i sp
it to us. >> next to the runway, a makeshift hospital. screaming]ing -- but some patients are being treated without anesthetics. this woman has just given birth, a baby girl. overturned.world and alongside her, another woman is also in labor. people waiting here are desperate to get out on any plane they can find. >> we can leave either tomorrow morning or today, or somewhere else, but he needs dialysis. he is in critical condition. if the world is out there, send help because these people need it. >> outside the city airport, hundreds have been waiting, desperate for any aid they can get. they need shelter, and in many cases they have been separated from their families, too. >> we need food. i am still here. i am still alive. are busy and full as people search for their loved ones. this is the main street and the distraction is almost complete. barely a building standing and there is the stench of death in the air. we have seen scores of bodies just in the two kilometers from the airport. and just behind us are dozens of bodies bundled up in tarpaulin. the devastation is overwhelmi
's announcement they would lift the restrictions on using electronic devices was greeted one word. >> finally >> finally. >> finally. >> reporter: unfortunately its not quite final yet. the faa is requiring each domestic airline to get each air craft safety certified. right now it's a weird period where you can use your devices on some planes but not on others. jetblue was quick to get certified. their flight on november 1st was the first one to allow use of personal electronic devices. delta also approved ped's on the first but only on delta mainline flights, ott the regional jets. you can see how this gets confusing. i was just on a united states airways flight where a cabin had to be told something to the effect of hey, we know the faa said you can use this stuff but turn it off because you can't use it here yet a few days before the announcement southwest announced it was allowing customers to before outer loop i-pad -- borrow i- pads but they weren't allowing customers to use them yet. remember regardless of the carrier you are still not going to be able to use a cell and larger device
. president obama ordered flags to be flown at half staff. we are in dallas and he joins us now. a painful, poignant day. >> indeed, a very wet and windy and blustery day as well. had the weather been like this 50 years ago in 1963 -- the weather was bright, and that is why it -- they did not use the top on the limousine. they made their way into the plaza, in front of the texas school book depository. this is where kennedy was killed. our north american editor has been considering the meaning of that traumatic day. >> a president who offered optimism in an age of uncertainty was murdered here, and in the aftermath of the assassination, dallas was called the city of hate. still struggling to make sense of what happened. a man whod in awe of literally told us to reach for the moon, though he would not live to see us achieve that goal. >> america's youngest president and its first catholic seemed to offer a fresh vision for a country that was changing fast. he and his wife had enchanted most of america. this was intended to charm the state of texas. >> something has happened in the motorcade
in the u.s. than any industrialized country. the good news, the rate of premature babies in the u.s. is at its lowest in nine years. the bad news one in 9 are still born too soon. premature births is the leading cause of deaths and is linked to verb yal problems and cerebral palsy. what can mothers do? if you're pregnant, take prenatal vitamins, avoid alcohol and tobacco and most importantly, see your doctor regularly for prenatal care. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> let's start off with the radar. you see most of the precipitation has moved offshore. really, we can't find a shower in the state. the only shower is if you're traveling well east and headed to oat heat this friday eve fling. otherwise, continuing to clear out. this is part of a large frontal system. it's been a slow mover. as it continues to pull offshore we'll see cold air wrapping in. so cooler air will come in with this boundary. it's just a slow moving scenario. see how nice and clear things have gotten. we were cloudy, rainy early on. now we're in the blue skies. tonight and tom night with t
. it will slide east over the next three days and continue to keep us in a fair weather setup, a classic setup that looks quiet at least through veteran's day. there are some indications of a storm the middle of next week. tonight down to 35. we stay breezy and cold. tomorrow 52. tomorrow we're talking 32 by night. take a look at the setup the next several days. a little bit of temperature mod range, not quite getting to 60. on veteran's day upper 50s. the new front with the potential low as we go late tuesday into wednesday. we think that's a rain and wind event with the potential for winter weather in the higher elevations west of hagerstown. we'll see. in the meantime it's all about a classic fall weekend. this will be breezy and chilly in the morning. >>> all right. people looking up at the sky last night. it was quite a light show. many thought it was a fireball, but it was actually a meteor. this is video from a car's dash cam. you can see the plight in the distance. >> i'm just watching it. it was coming in slow motion about as big as a cantaloupe. it was perfectly round, all blue and t
of us. 62 degrees at bwi. winds are southeast at 8. the winds are decent. the forecast tomorrow will be better early on. rain will be more likely through mid-morning and midday and will clear out torrow night. we have a chance, a window of clear weather. the winds will be kicking up and getting chillier as well, start to feel the change by this time tomorrow night or later. temperatures so mild tonight. 64 still in easton. 60 at the beach. 60s in the mountains. it's the south wind that's the cull brit. the surge of mild air and creating also more humid conditions which makes it feel milder but that front edging through the area will stop at 6:00. the time frame when most of the rain should be out and to the east. tomorrow night if you have plans outside not so bad. realize it will be breezy and getting cold. we'll probably never get out of the loy 50s. here's the broader view. the rain extending from upstate new york to little rock, arkansas. it's getting its motion encontrolsed as the area of high pressure has moved off to sea. we have a high pressure bubble over cape hatteras.
>>> a deadly attack against a u.s. diplomat out post in bengalsey. a british security contractor said he was there the night of the last year's attack and fought back militants of the compound. the knock times reports the contractor told the fbi he didn't go to the compound on the night of the september attack. lori logan today apologized and says the net work was wrong. >>> secretary of state johner kerry arrived in geneva in opens of ?4rjclosing a deal in hopes of closing sanctions against iran in exchange for information on the nuclear program. first step would be iran's agreement to freeze parts of nuclear program buying time for a permanent deal next year. >> before flying to geneva me mote with netanyahus expressed anger about the emergency agreement because it stopped short of totally prevent iran from making nuclear weapons. >>> today airports all over held a moment of silence at 12:20 in remembrance of the officer killed at lax last week. looking at video from reagan national airport. officers and passengers with silent as they honored the memory of hernandez. paul see o
rallied to spew alsool on the u.s., but proposed negotiations with the west. >> there are protests every year on this anniversary. why were these ones so much bigger? is, theimple reason hardliners have been calling for a massive show of support. there is a conservative some would consider a hardliner in power. this is the first year in several years the conservatives are in the opposition. they have been fighting america for so long. this president says he might want to enter directly negotiations with the united states. his opponents feel like they have their backs against the wall. how do they respond? they bring thousands of their supporters out onto the street. >> if you are watching these protests from washington, does it make you think that president rouhani's room for maneuver is perhaps not very great? >> that is a very good question. asdoes show the opposition he tries to push through reforms domestically as well. do not forget, before president ahmadinejad, there was another reformer in power. he encountered the same obstacles, the hardliners in control of the judiciary and se
paid for the picture and agreed to model in, change for free family photographs that could be used to promote the website. she said she's a wife, a mother and not a model and trying to move on from the negativity. >>> tonight a government report is slamming the tsa for creteing terrorists by observing passenger behavior. the agency has isn't more than $900 million on it but congressional overseers said it has yet to prove it's effective. >>> embattled toronto mayor rob ford appeared before the city council today for the first time since admitting that he smoked crack cocaine. the mayor is facing tough questions and admitted to smoking crack. >> the reason i drank or did drugs was in the because of stress. it was out of sheer stupidity. that's all it was. i will not blame something. i take full responsibility for it. i don't know what else i can say. >> well, for flatly denying it, he said he home took drugs on isolated occasions. pressure is expected to increase to force him to resign. he said he will not resign but will also run for reelection next year. >> the hustle and bustle o
admission of smoking crack cocaine has changed all that. this man used to work for the mayor and helped run his election campaign, -- this woman used to work for the mayor and helped run his election campaign, but is now calling on him to quit. >> thousands of toronto and -- of those in trenton oh are telling him to keep going, keep fighting. also it contributing to it is that he's quite stubborn. >> outside city hall, protesters lined up, calling on him to quit. he had been seen as a popular mayor. but his latest confession may have changed that. >> i am a resident and i'm proud of the city. he's not making me very proud today. >> [indiscernible] >> mayor ford says he's not going anywhere. he admitted his drug use in a press conference on tuesday. ,> i sincerely, sincerely sincerely apologize. >> a call from critics calling on him to go seems to be chucking him more support by the day. and many at city hall are urging him to resign now. the mayor of toronto cannot be ousted unless he has been convicted of a crime. and he has not, as of yet. the only way he can go is if you decide to himsel
forces. >> the u.s. said it is preparing to provide combat training to 5000 personnel. how can they bet those they are training? >> admiral mccrae been acknowledged that over the weekend. it will take some time because of this -- a cousin of his heart does not mean -- because the this is hard does not mean we should not do it. have a the west responsibility in libya? rex responsibility is to the libyans themselves but the countries that were involved in that intervention and those that ashed hardest for it have particular responsibility to do with they can to ensure the country does not go off the cliff that iraqi went off five or 10 years ago. and qaddafi's warning of the [inaudible] emerged. >> it is problematic. across the region we see a large amount of instability. the insides are not as strong as they appear from the outside. you have violence across the area that we have seen growing over the last two years. it is a serious problem and could become one for europe. >> thank you for joining us. >> eight is starting to reach some of the most remote areas. the country's president ins
by tapping out messages on pipes. our correspondent sent us this story from st. petersburg. >> just a face among the crowd in st. petersburg, enjoying the relative freedom of bail after two months in a russian prison. exclusiveng, in an interview, she recalls her worst fears inside herself -- her cell. >> i'm sure the outside world never believed we could get 15 years for this. but when you are alone in your cell, you never believed you would be spending two months in prison. this could happen. panic.just like 15 years for something i didn't do? the best years of your life. can't even have children anymore. , she her arctic prison spends 23 hours a day alone in her cell but found ways of communicating. >> there was a radiator pipe that ran through the prison. so we got a pen or a spoon and tapped on it. one tap was a, two was b, three was c. sometimes it would take 10 minutes to say something and they would say, sorry, please repeat. >> it seems greenpeace completely underestimated the russian reaction to a protest that it's only offshore oil rig in the strategically important arctic. perh
. it will start coming this weekend in new york and los angeles. amazon announced the deal with the u.s. postal service today. it includes expanding to dallas, houston and gnarl-- new orleans. >>> well, could black friday soon be obsolete? argument -- target is the latest retailer announcing they will open earlier. it's one hour earlier than last year. many are pushing their in-store sales to thanksgiving day rather than waiting until friday. right now kmart is opening 6:00 in the morning on thanksgiving day. ?ie want to start off with a lock at maryland's most powerful radar. things are clear but that's getting ready to change and change in big way. you can see what happens basically as we go through the overnight hours still relatively dry but changes as we go through the mid-morning hours. rain showers with snow showers on the back side. flipping over quickly through that morning commute, we don't anticipate real accumulations here because ground temps should be above 40 degrees. the air temp in the upper 30s but wintry showers. it's going to make for a tough morning commute. rain showers m
. us airways and marl l--- american airlines can merge but under specific conditions. the justice department requires them to scale back the size of the merger in washington and other big cities. they said it could drive up prices for consumers president the merger makes them the world's largest airlines. >>> add walmart to the list of stores to shop on thanksgiving. the retailer said they will open at 6. walmart said it's just trying to keep up with the competitors who are also opening early this year. to take a look at the thanksgiving deals, just head to abc2news.com. there, you can find the hours of the stores as well as the biggest bargains. >> i think some stores are opening tonight. >>> hey, christmas came very early for one 14-year-old boy a store's shipping has put a gift in lucky hands. the xbox 1 official date is -- eye was completely shocked. i said preston. you won't believe it. i got the xbox. >> he is one of 50 who received it ahead of its release. it was sent out boy target. the company calls it a computer gli. the system isn't ccting and probably wouldn't for the
. and the big apple comes out the big winner in having the tallest skyscraper in the u.s.. yes, there is a competition for these things and new york beat chicago. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and elsewhere around the globe. it is day six after typhoon bbc.com -- after typhoon haiyan and the people of the philippines are increasingly in urgent need of basic supplies and food and clean water. the death toll is unclear, but the president says about 2000 have died. that is far below other estimates. seems tourvivors, aid be arriving in a trickle at best, and it is nothing like enough. this report contains distressing images. the last thing people in the philippines now need is more water. but today it rained and rained and rained. places when the rain comes down, people go inside. here, there is no inside. they huddled under whatever , althoughey can find some seem blissfully unaware of what destruction is around them. we see hundreds, maybe thousands of people patiently waiting. many have been here since before dawn in the hope of a few kilos of rice. >>
. it brought out some u.s. citizens. this is a limited number of flights. somewere able to bring in and not enough to feed everyone. >> thank you for coming. clearly the infrastructure has a terribleated. situation for people in the philippines. afghanistan's drug harvest surged to a record high. the drug control agency says production of opium poppies shot up compared with 2012, making it more than the combined out but in the rest of the world. our afghan correspondent has ofe on the human impact these numbers. >> flowers picked in afghanistan where most of the opium poppies are grown, but these are not opium poppies. they are the only crop that brings a higher price. saffron. the fragile flowers are carefully weighed and act apart theeveal a red cord to give taste and color of a spice that is literally worth its weight in gold. farmer used to grow opium poppies, and now the government is sponsoring saffron growing, and desperate attempt to reduce poppy growing. nothing else has worked, and signs of the failure to stop poppies are everywhere. afghanistan has more than a million
at the set up across the area, just generally cloudy skies, dominating, well west of us, that again will not get in here soon. we are talking late week a window for rain in the meantime giant dominant high pressure up here over main and eastern canada. really helping stall the weather pattern just to the west. dry, cool conditions dominate though we will have midlevel cloudses like how we had today. set up temperature wise, again, mildler each afternoon. we will look to ramp up into the upper 60s . 70s in the carolina's and that trend set to continue into the day on thursday. the thursday we bring in rain chances. tonight dry, 42, not as frigid. tomorrow 64, abc2, two degree guarantee trending mildler and then beyond that into the day onight we look for partly cloudy and cool conditions. the next several days low 60s. we cool off friday into the start of the weekend. mid50s, 30s by night and sunday 62, pretty good tailgate and beyond that into veteran's day, right now weather looks good for the vets and the holiday with low 60s, so there it is a dry outlook i must say by november st
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